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Flumble lets you share all your details got you with just one tap.

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Create your email signature with flumble and stay connected.


We know more is better so we QR in our app and in your apple wallet

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What is Flumble?
Flumble is a digital business card which makes you day-to-day networking and socializing tasks more snappy and impressive. with your flumble card¸ you can easily share your socials, contact details and payment links in just few seconds by just ONE TAP
How can I Buy?
All you have to do is just to place an order at and your favorite Flumble card/button will be delivered at your doorstep.
Is It compatible with my devices?
The only limit Flumble knows is the sky! it can effortlessly work with almost every Android and iOS devices.
How It works?
Flumble card/button is equipped with an up-to-the-minute technology which shares your information by creating a personalized individual link when you tap on recipient's phone.
Is any app required?
Your Flumble card/button believes in making your networking experience fastest and smoothest! There's no app vital on recipient's phone to receive your information. However, you can download Flumble app from Google Play and Apple App Store to customize profile and update your information and to enrich your overall experience.

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